2013 - 2014 | Interactive multi-channel video / sound installation
Dimension: 120 square feet, dimension variable
Materials: 5 x projectors, 4 x IR sensors, 6 loud speakers, 6 x raspberry pies, veils, projection screen, sound interface, micro controllers, ramp, and CPU
Project Description
Vestiges part IIIis interactive and immersive video/sound installation, which turns and transforms an architectural pathway into a poetic, dynamic and embodied experience. The visual imagery is composed of nonlinear, surreal dream sequences of a young woman and interactions with symbolic objects such as light, fire, and moths in domestic and fantastical settings.

The first version of
Vestiges, installed in a stairwell, focused on stretching the duration of the experience by mapping the audience’s gestures to different aural/visual events. The version, Vestiges part III at Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival, is an extension of the first version in respect to narrative progression. The narrative progression is mapped to architectural “L” shape where the fantastical and realistic spaces are juxtaposed and coexsited.
Video Documentation at Currents The Santa Fe New Media Art Festival
Installation Layout
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Installation Documentations
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