2011- 2012 | Interactive Real-time Sound Processing & Kinetic Light Installation
Dimension: Variable, (In the recent exhibition, the work’s dimension was 22’ x 17’ x 12’)
Materials: 30 bags of 50 lb Rock Salt, 3 x Three incandescent Light bulbs and Servo Motors, Piezos, 7x Piezo Contact mics, 2x AKG Contact Mics, 11 x 4’ by 4’ wooden platform, five loudspeakers, MicroControllers, AC Dimmer Circuits, Motu, Mac Mini
Project Description
Shadow of Sounds creates and explores resonances between present and past time by means of sonic and tactile experience. Memory is a place where the past and present coexist, and chronological and temporal experiences may be non-linear, fragmented, and ephemeral.The sound of footsteps on rock salt is captured in real-time, processed algorithmically, and played back into the space. Some of the sounds are real-time, while others are time-shifted memories of previous visitors in the space. Motor-actuated lights are triggered by the audience’s interaction with the salt under foot. The swinging lights create an interplay of shadows on the surrounding environment. In these surroundings participants create their own cinematic experience, narrative, and aesthetic community.
Video Documentation
Installation Documentations
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