2014- 2015

Collaboration with James Hughes
Multi-channel video and sound installation with kinetic sculpture
Dimension: Room,: 16 feet x 12 feet (192 sq. feet), water bed: 4 feet x 8 feet x 29 inch each
Materials: wallpapers, water, 2 x HD projectors, 2 x pocket projectors, 4 x raspberry pies, 4 speakers, micro controllers, and CPU
“Two Women” is an installation inspired by the invisible crisis of the suicide of the artist’s grandmother. Though the motivation of her suicide is unknown, the work explores several possible ways to understand her death. The imagery of Two Women invokes themes of repression, resistance, submission, resignation, power, melancholy, death, and violence.
The piece consists of an elderly Korean woman narrating a story where describes her room, a dream about a room with two machines, and a fantasy in which she sees her younger self drowning.
The installation space is a cinematic realization of this fantasy, decorated as a domestic room in a state of decline and disrepair. A pair of kinetic machines dominate the space. The machines record suicide-related news stories as morse code physically punched on a roll of black paper. Each roll of punched paper slowly feeds into a pool of water where it forms a perforated projection screen for a video of a woman submerged under the water. The paper is pulled up to the ceiling where soft light reveals the structure and pattern of the punches.
The narrative is interwoven with news stories culled from Korean newspapers dating as far back as the 1920’s. The narrative and the stories are projected as subtitles on each of the punching machines - Korean on one side, and English translations on the other. The piece is driven algorithmically, with the movement of the machines, audio, and video progressing in concert with one another and reinforcing each other.

Video Documentation at Currents The Santa Fe New Media Art Festival

Video Documentation at Seattle, DXARTS Ballard Warehouse


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Script Writer
이상훈 Sang Hun LEE

Voice Actress
한경미 Kyung-mi HAN

Voice Director
박상현 Sang-hyun PARK

오하라 Hara OH

Director, Underwater Cinematography
김도열 Do-yeol KIM

Rescue / Assistant of Camera
이동준 Dong-jun LEE

Director of Lighting
김진용 Jin-yong KIM

Lighting Staff
김현 Hyun KIM

Director of Assistant
김진경 jin-kyung KIM

Costume Design
김민규 Min-gyu KIM/ 특별한복 Big Star Traditional Korean dress Shop

Special Thanks to Jin-kyung KIM, Robert TWOMEY, Don CRAIG, Jon PADEN, Currents Festival staff and volunteers