2017 - 2018

Collaboration with James Hughes
Temporary Public Art | Interactive Virtual Reality Viewing Box
Forgotten Landscapes portrays a series of deserted Austin city landscapes which will be shot at the last-known whereabouts of a missing person. Based on local news archives and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), the piece revisits several cold cases related to women, children, and minorities.
The landscapes are carefully devoid of any human activity or interaction, and place the audience in a panoptic viewpoint with which to inspect the scene. Forgotten Landscapes is an interactive machine which plays a sequence of 360 degree VR video. The piece is typically experienced by one individual at a time. Without the audience’s participation, the piece won’t properly function.
The design of the piece is modeled after Edison’s Kinetoscope which is an early motion picture viewing device. The small viewing machine shows 360 degree videos of landscape. The audience navigates the video by turning a hand crank on the side of the machine to revisit the unsolved cases.Forgotten Landscapes is commissioned by TEMPO 2017, a temporary public art exhibition presented by the Art in Public Places(AIPP) in Austin, TX. We would like to thank to AIPP program, TEMPO project manager Anna Bradley, artist Dharmesh Patel, and metal fabricator Humberto Trevino.


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