2016 - 2017

Collaboration with Melia Watras, composer
Experimental video with live music performance
Melia Watras wrote Liquid Voices in 2013. Virginia Woolf’s short story, “The Fascination of the Pool”, inspired the piece. Watras took the story’s fluidity, imagery, and depth, which helped shape the structure and basic concept for the musical piece: voices floating on top of each other. After having several conversations with the composer, I wanted to visualize the voices in two contrasting ways through the process of dying blue fabric, and in the depiction of swarms of red ladybugs. Woolf’s experimental way of approaching stream of consciousness and the underlying psychological motive of the character deeply inspired the composition of the moving images. Liquid Voices was performed with Michael Jinsoo Lim on violin, and Melia Watras on viola. Ha Na Lee created the video. The video was premiered in Second Inversion on January 12 2017.



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Moving images:
Directed and edited by Ha Na Lee
Cinematography: Martin Jarmick
Woman: Leah O’Brien
Production Assistant: Robert Twomey
Visual media ©2017 Ha Na Lee
Liquid Voices (2013) for violin and viola
Composed by Melia Watras
Performed by Michael Jinsoo Lim (violin) and Melia Watras (viola)
From the album 26 by Melia Watras
Courtesy of Sono Luminus