Experimental Short Film
Original Title: 살갗
Title in English: ABRASION
Year of Production: 2007 - 2008
Running Time: 11 min. 28 sec.
Screening format: Digibeta, and HD
Sound: Stereo
Language : Korean (English Subtitle)


"Abrasion" chronicles a series of tumultuous, fantastic events in the life a young woman named Jin-Kyung. She is the unhappy lover of local butcher who relentlessly pursues her, even as she recoils from his advances. In a series of events that are both real and imagined, this unbearable situation manifests itself physically to Jin-Kyung in form of an open wound in her back. In response, she tries to escape into the countryside, and this escape attempt culminates in a traumatic confrontation. The short film was made to exhibit in either a gallery or a theater, and premiered in my thesis solo show at Melville Library Gallery in December of 2007. The film was screened in a HD video format on a scale of approximately 10 ft. x 21ft. During the show, the film ran for twelve minutes and ten seconds, and was scheduled to play in fifteen minutes 22 increments. The show also included three 42 in. x 28 in. large-scale archival digital print format of film stills. The three stills were selected because they present the relationship between the female character, Jin-Kyung, and a pig, and they show her desire to escape reality by sewing the pig carcass.

SHORT FILM : 11' 32"


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