[Two Women] Underwater Video Shooting

On 26th of October 2014, the production was placed at 안산마린라이프센터 수중스튜디오(Ansan Marine Life Center The Underwater Studio), Ansan, South Korea.
The shooting took about 14 hours, but because of super awesome crews the shooting went really well.
Thank you for all your support and hard work!



Artistic Director
이하나 Ha Na LEE

Script Writer
이상훈 Sang Hun LEE

오하라 Hara OH

Director, Underwater Cinematography
김도열 Do-yeol KIM

Rescue / Assistant of Camera
이동준 Dong-jun LEE

Director of Lighting
김진용 Jin-yong KIM

Lighting Staff
김현 Hyun KIM

Director of Assistant
김진경 jin-kyung KIM

Costume Design
김민규 Min-gyu KIM/ 특별한복 Big Star Traditional Korean dress Shop

안산마린라이프센터 수중스튜디오 / Ansan Marine Life Center The Underwater Studio