Vestiges, part III

• possible “Ramp” site

Vestiges part III closely follows the narrative structure and motifs of Vestiges part II, but adapts and extends the piece to the work with the ramp structure proposed by the event organizers. Site-specific footage from Vestiges part II, featuring the stairwell, will be replaced with new footage which takes advantage of the architectural space of the L-shaped ramp. The installation will be expanded with additional projectors to take advantage of additional projection surfaces afforded by the L-shaped ramp.
The visual imagery will follow the same nonlinear surreal dream-like quality and feature the same young woman interacting with symbolic objects, such as light, fire, and moths in domestic and fantastical settings. The array of footage mixes scenes of her everyday life with interludes echoing unsettled emotions, insomnia, pain and dysphoria. 
The documentation for
Vestiges part II shows the audience’s interactions with a two mode narrative system. Vestiges part II will be expanded to use four different sets of poetic narratives. The total projected run time of a cycle of 4 modes will be 30 - 35 minutes.  As a viewer enters the space, the system picks one mode from the four as a starting place for the story. The other three modes follow in relation to that starting point. Each mode will last about 8 minutes.  An interactive element of the piece uses sensors to trigger the progression from one mode to the next, so the piece unfolds in a manner coordinated with the movement of the audience through the passageway. Thus, the audience will develop the story in their own way. Walking the pathway of the ramp, creating their own memory of that particular space, the audience creates their own narratives and expectations.

Thick white line - Enclosed wall space (both sides) Ideally, the walls could paint matte black color.
Blue lines - Space that could be used based on the photo documents. The space could be different size. It would be ideal if the space is at least larger than 6(ft) wide.
Dashed lines - Veils and rear projection screen surface for projectors. The fabrics are hung.
• The arrow demonstrate audiences’s path.

• Pink icons - projectors
• Green icons - loudspeakers
• Orange dots - sensors
• Red rectangular - Main system

• Projector 1 and 2 cover screen area A(three layers of veils)
• Projector 3 cover screen area B.(wall)
• Projector 4 and 5 cover screen C. (three layers of veils)
• Projector 6 cover D. (Rear projection screen)
• Speakers will be installed underneath ramp or mounted on the wall.