The subject of my work aspires to represent the varied meaning of individual experiences of psychological and physical trauma. In my early video work, the visual narratives were to explore my perspectives and experiences of being a foreigner(stranger), dealing with the stereotype of an asian woman, on diaspora, and womanhood. In the series of video work, a female figure performs a series of gestures in an alien and constructed space. With my digital images and videos, this environment has included some ready-made visual textures or everyday objects that are both attractive and repulsive at the same time. When juxtaposed, these images do not have obvious symbolic overtones or even logical connections, but I hope it will create an immediate bodily sensation in the viewer. I believe that this quality makes my work dream-like (or nightmarish) and psychological. In the form of non-linear story telling, I attempt to address the power relationships through visual allusions to forms of pain, violence, repression of female sexuality and experience, melancholy, death, pain, and violence in the contemporary world. In the past years, I focus on developing methods to represent the themes and narratives with emerging technology to create embodied and immersive cinematic experiences.